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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rebirth of the GenMagBlog

Good afternoon Readers!

As many(?) of you may be aware, there has been a rapid shift in the Generator's leadership staff, which has resulted in few posts on the blogspot. This has all changed, and you can expect new, fresh articles to appear soon. We will begin to showcase the changes we have made to the magazine, and its online component as well!

Save this space!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It’s Not Rocket Science; it’s Simple As Surgery

An Interview with the band
By Cynthia Dagenais

I was on Twitter one day checking out my new strange followers when I came across a guy named Josh who said he was in a band. Naturally, I looked up the name on YouTube to listen to a sampling of music and found myself bobbing my head to a rock pop group from Augusta, Georgia. Through just a few tweets and emails I got to have a conversation with this goofy trio through Skype. Josh (guitarist), Carter (lead vocals), and Daniel (bassist) are a fun bunch of guys that are excited for their debut album to come out on December 14.
(about 0:35) Where do you find inspiration for your music?
• Carter: Relient K.
• Josh: The best band in the whole world. Relient K. I don’t think we sound anything like them.
• Carter: We sound nothing like them, actually, but you do Josh.
• Josh: Really? I’ll take that as a compliment.
• Carter: I get inspiration personally when it comes to songwriting and things from females...girls. *phone rings*
• Josh: Your mom is calling.
• Carter: Oh.
• Josh: As you can see, we’re all pretty close friends and we’ve known each other for a long time. It helps make things flow easier.
(about 3:00) How did the band come together?
• Daniel: All of us went to a show at the 7 Venue in Atlanta to see Attack Attack!, Confide, Showbread, A Static Lullaby, and Maylene and Sons of Disaster. It was a hardcore show, and from that point on, I knew I needed to be in a pop band.
• Carter : That’s not true. We were actually thinking about being a hardcore band for awhile.
• Daniel: So a few weeks later I called Carter up (me and Carter are cousins) and I was like ‘Carter, we gotta be in a band dude.’ And he was like ‘I don’t know man’ because Carter and Josh used to be in an old band a long time ago…
• Carter: About 4 or 5 years ago. We were in a band called Capstone and it was a progressive rock band…
• Josh: Horrible…
• Carter:…and it sucked! It was real bad *pretending to vomit*
• Josh: *retching noises*
• Daniel: So Carter was kinda skeptic about it, and I was like ‘no man, we’re gonna make this happen.’
• Josh: *laughs*
• Daniel: So me and Carter got together and asked, ‘well who’s gonna be our vocalist?’ because at the time Carter didn’t sing at all.
• Carter: I didn’t know how to sing!
• Daniel: So Carter played drums and I played bass, and we tried to start a band with just drums and bass and that wasn’t going to work. So we were like, who can do it?
You should have asked me! Gosh!
• Daniel: So we called Josh and asked him if he wanted to be in a band and he was like ‘No man, I’m trying to be a country artist right now’
• Josh: That is not true.
• Daniel: It is true.
• Josh: Not true.
• Carter: He wasn’t trying to be country, but he did his own little solo project. It was like worship music, but he kind of sounded country.
• Josh: I wasn’t trying to book shows or anything…
• Carter: He just did it for himself, but we weren’t supposed to be part of it.
• Daniel: Back to me. So Josh was like no, and me and Carter gathered some recording equipment and went to Carter’s house and recorded a song. It was absolutely ridiculous. I don’t know why Josh accepted it this time. We sent him this awful song and he was like ‘dude, I’m in.’
• Carter: It was actually like a party rap…it had a sing-along and was called “Howdy Partner” and it had a dance…
• Josh: *laughs* What is that?
This? *pointing to glass I’m drinking*
• Band: Yeah.
Naked Juice.
• Daniel: Fincus juice?
• Josh: Fin-cus.
No, Naked Juice. Mighty Mango flavor?
• Josh: Oh, Naked Juice.
Does it look like a cocktail?
• Josh: Yeah, I thought you were getting tips.
I wish! I have night class.
• Daniel: So then we did “Howdy Parter” and after we showed Josh, he said alright. It was the three of us, but we were still unnamed…looks like a clown. Your picture up there?
• Josh: What’s that clown kid?
• Josh: Stage right, behind you.
Oh, my poster? That’s a little girl with a rose, haha.
• Josh: She looks a lot like a clown…
• Carter: Just to keep you up to speed, we saw a hardcore show, recorded a party rap song, recruited Josh, then we decided to be a party rap group. We decided on the name “Bag of Treats”
• Josh: We were doing techno rap
• Carter: We wanted a more rock feel. The first song we sat down and recorded was acoustic, called “Crashing down” and I don’t know how it happened, but I started singing. We played a few shows and we realized what we were doing was weird. So, we canned all our old songs, got a new name, which is Simple As Surgery. Then we went to the studio and then our sound became what it is now.
(about 8:20) How did you come up with the name “Simple As Surgery”?
• Carter: I had a really weird dream one night. It was a long dirt road and there was an old man and a little boy walking down the road. I was floating around, and they couldn’t see me. They were walking and talking and I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. Finally they get to the end of the road and I hear the old man go ‘blah blah blah Simple As Surgery…’ I woke up and told Daniel. Called Josh. It wasn’t concrete but we said it at a few shows and everyone likes it. It makes us happy.
• Josh: Same with our url because when you slam it all together people go ‘look your Facebook name is Simple A** Urgery’ and we’re like, ‘yes, we know’
• Carter: Once you get past that we just embrace it and laugh with them, because then they don’t think it’s nearly as funny.
• Josh: Joke killers, we did that on purpose.
• Carter: Now we know who we are. We found our groove. We’re still working out tons of stuff but I think we found our sound we’re going for under the name Simple As Surgery and we finally got our set thing.
(about 10:30) Who do you guys listen to?
• Carter: If you want to know my top 3 bands right now. I’m listening to Whoa! is Me, Katie Groves, and Old Crow Medicine Show. Actually no, take that back, I’ve been listening to Kid Cudi because his new album is dope. A little post hardcore, a little folk, and a little acid rap.
• Daniel: I’ve been real indie. I’ve been listening to All Time Low, The Almost, and the Kooks.
• Josh: Deadmau5, Frank Sinatra, and…I don’t know mostly dumb stuff and old school music.
• Carter: We really listen to everything. If we’re going for artists following suit of, we’re a mixture of All Time Low…
• Josh: famous people
• Carter:…and Justin Beiber. All of this wrapped up in three, and that’s us.

(about 14:45) Before getting together as a band, what were your dream jobs?
• Daniel: I wanted to be Elvis Presley for the longest time.
• Josh: That’s not a job. That’s like a human.
So you wanted to be fat and have heart problems?
• Band: Yes!
• Carter: I wanted to be veterinarian for a little while because I really like animals a lot. Then I wanted to be a scientist, but not a nerdy scientist. I wanted to be a scientist that made great things that only benefit me. Then when I was 12 years old I realized I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I was always interested in music. I was 13 when Capstone started, and from there on I was gung-ho with music. Josh, I don’t know what you wanted to do…
• Josh: I wanted to open up a Legos store.
• Carter: Really?
• Josh: Yeah I wanted to have crazy sets that no one else had, like a specialty Legos store.
• Carter: I wanted to be an actor for a little while.
• Josh: Yeah I wanted to be like an assassin, that was a cool job. That was my realistic job.
• Carter: No we were in a drama team, me and Josh. For a few years.
• Josh: Oh wow, you wanted to be an actor?
• Carter: Yeah, I wanted to be a legitimate actor. We did skits and stuff for a few years. And I like to think we were pretty dang good. And everyone thought we were funny.
• Josh: Everyone in the world thought we were funny
• Carter: I’ve been on the stage performing junk since I was 11. I always like being the center of attention, I am an only child. As you know, it’s kind of inevitable. I just embrace it.

(about 21:00) What’s your favorite song on the album?
• Carter: There’s a song on there that I really like. It’s called “Our Kind of Love.”
• Josh: That one’s awesome. I love that one. It’s real good.
• Carter: It’s written about a special lady.
They’re always about special ladies, come on now.
• Carter: No, about a real special lady, one that I like. It’s actually great because we write the songs together, and I usually have a certain someone I’m thinking about and it’s funny because they expound on it and it makes sense…
• Josh: …it’s kinda like an emotional orgy…because we’re all writing about different girls in the same song
• Carter: Yeah “Our Kind of Love” is a personal happy one for me, it’s close to the heart. They’re all close to the heart, but that one’s really close.
It’s your “baby”?
• Josh: Yeah, it’s my baby.
• Carter: It’s actually the best “baby” song out there because it’s got little xylophone ting tings and all kinds of cute little things. It’s really nice.
Does the girl know it’s for her?
• Carter: Yes. *smiles*
(about 23:25) How long did it take from first getting together as a band to recording? When did Simple As Surgery start up, when did you guys get noticed, and when did you get some sort of deal?
• Carter: We started at the beginning of the summer last year. We played a few shows throughout the summer and fall, and during Christmas break we went to Atlanta and recorded “Wanna Be with You.” In one year’s time we’ve done a single, an EP, and now we got the full-length on the way. So, we’ve been pretty busy in the recording studio this year a lot. Cranking out songs, trying to get all that stuff ready, doing features and stuff, so it’s been a really cool process watching the record turn out to what it is now.
• Josh: It’s probably taken a little longer than normal too…
• Carter: We did it in 4 sessions.
• Josh: …because we’ve had to write, record, go up there, come back to save money, go back. It’s been a process…
• Carter: We were working around school and work. But I think ultimately we can all probably sit back, and we’re all really proud of every single song.
• Josh: Yeah, I’m stoked about it.
• Carter: They all bring about different emotions and feelings, and we did them all at different times. I can honestly say that every song pertains to some part of an emotional something.…It’s a fulfilling thing to listen to them all and realize what you can make.
They sound great!
• Carter: It’s very rewarding, you know? It feels like it’s my child. I’m really proud of these 10 songs. So if someone says “oh I don’t really like them” then I’d be like, “well you suck.” All of our families have been really supportive over it. The kids have been coming out to our shows, even if it’s not their genre. People have been pretty accepting of it, so we have a lot of fun. We’ll have more fun. The End. We’re going to have to spend all about…it.
• Josh: We’re all about it, whatever it is. We don’t know what, but we’re about it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Issue Online

The PDF of the October 2010 Generator Magazine is available online with a corrected contents page!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Social Butterfly or Socially Inept? : Review of The Social Network

By Mary Treuer

Logging into our Facebook accounts is something we do everyday, naturally, without considering it. In fact, my Facebook window is open on the back of my computer screen right now, as it often is, glowing blue and white behind my homework assignments. I never really stopped to think about how the website came to be until I saw the movie, The Social Network, a recent film featuring Jessie Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook.
The movie begins in a café at Harvard University, the night that Zuckerberg breaks up with his girlfriend and launches, a website that allows Harvard students to view pictures of girls and rate them based on looks. The controversy in Zuckerberg’s life ensues after this one night and evolves as he develops Facebook, facing two lawsuits and many crumbling relationships. Although I won’t spoil the movie, we all know how the story ends. Facebook becomes a multi-billion dollar company and goes far beyond the creator’s expectations of a collegiate online network.
The movie is drama-ridden and does focus on Zuckerberg’s relationships, but devotes more attention to the history and legal issues that arose with the creation of Facebook and the surrounding lawsuits. If you’re not planning on taking the LSAT soon, these scenes might make you yawn, but they are crucial details for the overall story. Some may also be disconcerted with the way Zuckerberg is portrayed in the film. While some see him as a brilliant man, or even a philanthropist (He recently donated 100 million dollars to Newark, NJ schools), the movie portrayed him as a self-absorbed jerk who sought to reach notoriety at the expense of his friends.
Whether or not you enjoy the screenplay, The Social Network really raises some insightful themes. Sometimes, after spending all of high school and college plugged into the social network, it is hard to imagine life without Facebook, but the movie makes it possible. I was surprised to learn that advertisers were reluctant to use Facebook, when now the website has overpowered very many traditional media. I also found it difficult to think about the company as something that began in a college dorm room, between three people.
How could something so small become this huge? We in the millennial generation have trouble logging out, but what about those in who come after us? The creation of Facebook will really be a history lesson for them, a reminder of something they couldn’t imagine living without. This is a movie worth watching to decide what you think about Facebook and its creation.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Alternative Activities for Family Day

Every year, during the last weekend in September, Marist holds the less-than-notorious Family Day, or weekend, depending on how long you can convince any family members to hang around. Sure, an outdoor BBQ with your traditional dogs and burgers is a great way to reconnect with family you haven't seen in one whole month, but maybe you're a Sophomore, Junior, Senior, or even a Freshmen who would rather play a different tune this year. I don't blame you, and I'm here to help.

1) Go apple picking!

This time of year is prime for plucking delicious apples almost anywhere in the North East. We're particularly fortunate in this area; if you drive across the river, before you even hit the little town of New Paltz, you will be bombarded with "Pick Your Own!" "Orchard Open!" "1 Mile Away!" signs. There must be an orchard for everyone. You could literally spend all weekend just visiting different orchards. Either way, it's an option. I went this past weekend and it was a wonderful way to enjoy the last bits of summer outdoors.

2) Go pumpkin picking!

Clearly I am advocating that you enjoy the early harvest of fall, because my next suggestion involves yet another natural treat. Grab a pumpkin for decoration, to salt and bake the seeds for a treat, or to paint silly faces on. It's a bit too early for carving, but I see no harm in enjoying those seeds early on. Most orchards also have a fair amount of pumpkins or other gourds for your choosing, so don't worry about needing to look too far.

3) Visit nearby locales!

There are plenty of places nearby that can be a welcome relief to the glamor and fast-paced lifestyle of Poughkeepsie, you know, for those who just need a break. Traveling North on Route 9 for a measly 20 minutes will land you in Rhinebeck, the very place where Chelsea Clinton was wed this summer. I don't have any pictures for this event, but I was there this last weekend for the giant flea market on the Dutchess County fair grounds--they have events going on throughout the fall, so take a look at to see what's happenin'. Rhinebeck itself is a charming little town full of boutiques and restaurants. Conversely, 20 minutes across the river will land you in New Paltz, another small and amiable town. No pictures here either--but after apple picking, I wandered around Main St, which is full of shops and restaurants as well.

Hopefully, something here appeals to all of those who would prefer to go out and do something new or appropriate to the season. Don't forget to enjoy your family!

-Sarah Dubrule

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Album Review: Shout It Out! by Hanson

Review By Laura Formanek

After spending the last few years demonstrating their humanitarian side, the Hanson brothers are back with a new album: Shout It Out! Inspired by the classic sounds of the 1960s R&B and rock’n’roll, Shout It Out is unlike anything Hanson has done before. This album has a unique and funky sound, which is new to the Hanson brothers’ typically mellow pop-rock music. Most of the songs incorporate horn arrangements into the mix, giving their music an eclectic and retro feel. It will transport you back to the early days of rock’n’roll. Take their latest single “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin’” as an example. The melody is rich with brass, R&B flair, and even a cowbell. It has already made its way onto song lists and music video countdowns (If you haven’t already seen the cheery and comical music video, check it out on YouTube).

While their last record, "The Walk", had deeper meaning (It was inspired by their visit to the impoverished villages in sub-Saharan Africa affected by the AIDS epidemic, which is also where the proceeds from their record sales went), Shout It Out is light-hearted and filled with optimism and soul. The songs will make you want to get up and dance and since along. The brothers have a talent for harmony and melody, but they also have a knack for writing powerful lyrics. As you listen to these songs, the meaning and depth of the some of the lyrics (“Carry You There” and “Make It Out Alive”) will make you think about life, love, and knowing yourself.

Believe me; these brothers have come a long way from their early days. Give them a chance and get your copy of Shout It Out! You’ll be impressed that these talented musicians are the same kids that first brought you MMMBop.